Embody The Woman You Want to Be

Welcome, my dear.

Whether you want to connect with your most authentic self,  other like-minded women in Budapest, or even practice your English in a fun and exciting way: you are in the best place! 

Moving to a foreign country, career challenges, difficulties or a new phase in your partnership, becoming a parent. These are just a few examples of life situations when you can feel like you’re falling into hundreds of different pieces and it takes a lot of struggling effort to re-complete the puzzle into the YOU you love to be.  

At times like this, you could do with the support of others. But reaching out for help is never so easy as it sounds. 

You might feel ashamed or there’s just too much on your list of priorities ahead of your own needs. You may lack trust: how could you possibly open up to a complete stranger in a world where every second person claims to be some kind of “healer”. How to know if you have found the right coach? 

I’m Andrea. A wayfinder, a life coach, a language teacher and an expat mom of two half-English children. 

Whatever situation you are going trough when you meet me, after our very first free trial session you will gain 100 % certainty whether I’m the right person for you.

  • you’ll immediately feel more relaxed and energized;
  • you’ll see your situation in a very different light: you’ll keep noticing doors where you only saw walls before;
  • you’ll learn how to hear and follow the guidance of your body and intuition;
  • you’ll feel a lot better: more optimistic, more confident, and more ready to take action. 

You can so easily test this without risking anything:

If you honor me with your trust I will prove to you that your happiness does not come from achieving one goal after another, but that achieving your goals comes from your happiness.

Most of your dreams seem to come true almost automatically once you have reached the main goal: you arrive HOME WITHIN YOURSELF and feeling good becomes your main habit. 

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