River Ride

Ever feel like you’re not doing what you love to?

How to Become the Woman You Always Wanted to Be
AND Discover Your Own Super Power
to Live Your Life the Way You Want
Even if You Don’t Know What That Is…

Andi Smith

Hi, I’m Andi, a certified Life Coaching Institute coach and mindsetter. And I’m on a mission to help women find their super power and become the women they always wanted to be.

We live in a world of instant gratification, an always on culture of constant connection. Yet despite being connected to others the world over like never before, many people find themselves more connected to strangers than they do to themselves…

River Ride is an 8 week course designed to ask the questions to lead you to finding that connection with yourself.

Over 8 weeks, you will discover

Week 1 – How to live the life you feel excited to call your own

  • The secret to doing more of what you love and less of what you hate
  • How to set goals based on what you value the most and not on what society tells you
  • Why many women don’t allow themselves to want what they truly need and how you can overcome that
  • The secret power of adjective goals and how they can help you discover your perfect day

Week 2 – How to treat your body to find the truest you

  • The hidden messages your body is trying to tell you and how to decipher them
  • Why the perfect diet starts with HOW you eat and not WHAT
  • How the idea of your perfect body is holding you back
  • The secret power of doing the things we love

Week 3 – The power of Home Sweet Home

  • Why it’s important to DREAM about your home
  • How a tidy home not only makes life simpler but truer
  • The power of “getting rid”
  • The importance of emotions in interior design

Week 4 – How to become your own Idol

  • The power of spoon theory
  • The hidden secret about truth that no-one seems to want to talk about
  • How you can defeat denial and stop lying to yourself
  • Why your inner voice may hold the key to self-love

Week 5 – The secrets to doing what you love AND getting paid more to do it

  • Coming to terms with your feelings toward money
  • The simple shortcut to finding your true career path
  • How to make every situation better – even the good ones!
  • The power of knowing what’s your business

Week 6 – How you can create relationships that stand the test of time

  • The secret to examining your relationships and resetting your boundaries
  • The power of letting go
  • 4 things you should never do if you want to be part of a loving community
  • How you can make friends, whatever your situation

Week 7 – The secrets to a great love life

  • How to have long lasting, harmonious and loving relationships with your partners
  • The truth behind popular “love myths” and how you can better them
  • Why games are the biggest danger to your relationship with your “other half”
  • The power of understanding your partner’s love language

Week 8 – How pleasure leads to success in life

  • The little words dealing catastrophic damage to your view on relaxation
  • How to maximise what time you do have
  • The true power of self discipline
  • The secret to finding balance
River Ride Testimonial

River Ride is an 8 week long course designed to ask the questions to lead you to self discovery.

Over 8 weeks, you will get:

  • Daily letters, playsheets and podcasts exploring the weekly topic, with lifetime access to updates;
  • Hungarian translation and comments are included;
  • Weekly online Q&A with me in our very private Facebook group;
  • Access to a supportive community, both online and off.
  • Your own private River Ride group
  • Discounts on future events and 1on 1 coaching

All of this for 15,00 HUF

The Bridges We Cross

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See What Others Had to Say About River Ride

ANDI’S GOT A SUPERPOWER: the energy and vitality radiating from her, accompanied by the most effective coaching techniques makes her able to drag you out from the deepest holes - whether it’s just a temporary thing or deeper-rooted issues. After every session I return to my daily errands recharged, and with this great feeling of “growth”. She helps me look at any situation from a different angle, and somehow she manages to turn me into a bouncy little girl as I return to my life, because with her support I do believe that everything happening to me is also happening FOR me! It is exciting, fascinating and helps me grow beyond my current limits. I believe that everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be. I would recommend Andi’s method with medical prescription, whether you are stuck or life is just fine at the moment, because it is a mind blowing and amazing experience.
I was in a very difficult situation when I met Andi. She was joyful. And funny, and optimistic and amusing. We got on the same wavelength in no time, so that by the time we got to analyzing my current life-issues, I already felt a lot better - after just 5 minutes. She had this ability to chase the dark clouds away, and I immediately started seeing things under a very different light.

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