Don't be who you are! Be whoever you want to be.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I hope it won’t upset you to hear that other than the cluster of cells that make up your body, no such thing as “you” has ever existed. Or more precisely: there’s countless versions of you out there, all of them fleetingly created by a mind thinking of you in a moment of time, whether that’s yours or somebody else’s. You, my dear, are a fantasy. A fiction. Or, in case you prefer that way: a story hero!


I have no intention to bore you with metaphysical contemplation or with the newest findings of neuroplasticity, so please, please, please, at least temporarily accept my introduction with an open mind so we can go on to our next important point: 

As Carol S. Dweck Phd., the world famous professor of Psychology at Stanford university pointed out in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,  there are basically two types of mindset: a fixed mindset makes you believe that you are born with certain abilities, talents, intelligence and traits, and there’s not much you can do with them other than accept them and learn how to live together with them. 

The so called Growth Mindset, on the other hand, claims that every experience is a great chance to learn, while virtually anything can be changed and improved through effort. 

While you can decide which group you agree more with, there’s one thing that is hard to argue with thanks to strong social evidence: thinkers of the latter mindset are prone to be more successful, accomplished, outstanding and, well, happy than those who have a fixed mindset.

I’m leaving it up to you to decide which concept is closer to your heart (and mind), I personally CHOOSE to join the Growth folks’ force. 

So the important question I’m left with is no longer who am I, but much rather:

Who the hell do I want to be?

And once I’ve figured that out, here’s the next one to answer:

What do I have to do and believe in order to become that person?

Or here’s one that gives an even more accurate guide to what needs to be done:

What would I be thinking and doing now if I was already the person I desire to be?

Once I’m done with all the above, there’s only one last question: 

What am I doing and thinking right now that is blocking my way from the person I want to be?

From here on my task is super simple: I need to watch myself continuously and replace the inappropriate thoughts and actions with those that better serve my purposes. 

The thing is though, just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy. And that’s the exact reason why we join our forces and start

together, so we can motivate and support each other along this exciting and most definitely rewarding adventure. 

Although you can complete the challenge any time you want (it’s completely free!) if you want to have your share in the added benefits of doing it together then hurry up, my friend! This ship is leaving tomorrow and it won’t come back again until next year. 

So get ready. Sign up, grab your downloadables, think, act and if you have a moment left: tell all your friends about this unique opportunity. 


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